4 Awesome STEM Education Apps

STEM educators are constantly challenged to provide their students with an engaging, interactive learning experience. A recent article from It’s About Time, a STEM education website, observes, “it has become a national priority to develop new ways to entice students to STEM careers and offer engaging ways to teach STEM that dismantles old and less-effective learning methods.”

One of the rising trends in classrooms is the incorporation of apps into the curriculum. Apps present teachers with a powerful resource, providing students with a hands-on, immersive learning experience. We’ve collected our list of four awesome STEM Education apps for 2015 below.

Hopscotch: Program Your Own Games

As a winner of both the 2013 Parent’s Choice Award and 2014 Best Educational Technology Award, this STEM education app just seems to be getting better with time. This most recent version, the Hour of Code Edition, is a perfect introduction to coding for younger grade students. With the rules students learn in this game (like sequencing, abstraction, values, and conditionals), they are able to create games, animation, and art. An excellent, free game that is highly reviewed by both parents and digital tech teachers.

Learn More at http://www.gethopscotch.com

NASA Visualization Explorer

NASA is the hub of all astronomy science knowledge. This is a visual collection of all their space research – from the moon landings to the outer edges of the Kuiper Belt. One of the app reviews enthusiastically states that this STEM education app is “Without a doubt, one of the best apps ever…Reminded me why I was so interested in space exploration!” As a teacher or parent, this is a necessary tool for talking about the solar system, space exploration, and global climate shift.

Learn More at http://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/nasaviz/

Robots For iPad

Touted by many (including the New York Times, Wired, The New Yorker, and many others) as the best robotics app on the market, this mobile app from IEEE Spectrum Magazine is the go-to for students who are interested in robotics. In it, students can explore over 150 different robots from 19 countries. They’ll love the stunning visuals – with 360° views, video tutorials, and high-interest articles to support the experiential learning. Not only is it an award-winning science education app, but it’s free, which makes it one of our top picks on the list!

Learn More at http://robotsapp.spectrum.ieee.org

DIY Nano

This is a great app for hands-on teachers and parents who want to introduce nanotechnology to their students in a fun and simple way. Each lesson has step-by-step instructions, a list of easy-to-find materials, and support videos to show you how to accomplish the experiments’ goals. Developed by the NISE Network and funded by the NSF, this free app allows young students to learn complex nanotechnology concepts very quickly. In addition, since the app requires adult supervision, it can be a great way to provide one-on-one science instruction.

Learn More at http://www.nisenet.org/catalog/media/diy_nano