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    KGSC Announces 2016 Leadership Team
    and Champions Board Rosters

    The Kentucky Girls STEM Collaborative is proud to announce the 2016 rosters for its Leadership Team and Champions Board. Comprised of STEM professionals and thought leaders from around the commonwealth, these important teams help guide KGSC initiatives and are essential to the success of our collaborative.

    Welcome New Members!

    KGSC would like to welcome the following new members to our teams. We thank you for your commitment to helping girls pursue STEM careers and look forward to partnering with you this year!


    New Champions Board Members


    Susann Kazunas, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing
    Miranda Woodall, Alltech


    New Leadership Team Members


    Tanya Dvorak, University of Kentucky
    Emilie Clemmons

    Thank You Continuing KGSC Leaders!

    We also have several members renewing their terms this year and want to thank them for all their hard work and on-going service!


    Returning Champions Board Members


    Dora Ahmadi, Morehead State University
    Julie Combs, The Lockheed Martin


    Returning Leadership Team Members


    Shiela Medina, University of Kentucky
    Kristen Brennan, Alltech
    Mindy Curless, Kentucky Dept. of Education
    Heather Wheeler, East KY Science Center & Planetarium

    Thank You Departing KGSC Leaders!

    KGSC would also like to thank our leaders who will be rotating off in 2016. We greatly value your service and wish you luck in your next adventure!


    Departing Champions Board Members


    William Murphy, University of Kentucky, Paducah Campus
    Julia Roberts, Western Kentucky University
    Kelly Easton, YMCA of Central Kentucky
    Angela Leonhard, Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing


    Departing Leadership Team Members


    Jann Burks, University of Kentucky
    Cagney Coomer, NERD SQUAD
    Gail DePuy, University of Louisville


    Sue Scheff

    At the close of 2015, the KGSC Co-Chair, Sue Scheff officially retired from the University of Kentucky. Sue has been an integral part of the KGSC organization from its very beginnings and she will be sorely missed. KGSC would like to thank Sue for all of her outstanding years of service and helping to make our collaborative what it is today.

    Sue has been the heart and soul of KGSC. She has worked tirelessly for this organization and I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done. We will miss her immensely.

    – Czar Crofcheck, KGSC Co-Chair

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