KY Women Lead Global Conversation

#GirlsInITCDay 2019

On the fourth Thursday in April KGSC partner Youth for Technology gathered tech experts from around the globe to discuss what strategies can “expand horizons and change attitudes” to encourage more girls to pursue Information and Communications Technology (ICT) training and careers.


KGSC Leadership Team member Dr. Olfa Nasraoui shared her perspective as an internationally recognized leader in machine learning research and academia. KGSC collaborator, Dr. Angelique Johnson, an engineering faculty member at UofL and CEO of MEMStim LLC., championed the student voice “Create environments for girls to express tech the way they want. Tech training programs often put limits on creativity. Girls need to see how tech integrates with all aspects of their lives, and then they need to learn it in fun and creative environments,” adding “[g]irls know what their generation needs. We don’t carry that knowledge, they do.” Use the buttons below to explore the best moments from the experts on Girls in ITC Day 2019.


The international twitter chat was moderated by YTF CEO Njideka Harry of Louisville, whom Ventures Africa has recognized as one of 10 leading women of Nigeria’s tech landscape.