National Science Foundation Research Experience for Teachers in Big Data and Data Science at the University of Louisville

Apply to the RET Site in Big Data & Data Science at UofL by March 20, 2020

In the summer, selected pairs of teachers will actively participate in a research group as full time members and work with an education professor to translate the research experience into computational thinking curriculum materials for use in their classroom during the following academic year. Engineering and education mentors will visit classrooms at least once during the academic year and assist where requested.
Teachers in this site will apply fundamental data science techniques and learn Big Data principles while investigating real world problems with social relevance. The fast pace of low-cost technological innovation and data-centered operations have led to an explosion of data that can be used to solve problems and provide new insights for the future. This includes projects involving areas such as human welfare, healthcare, smart cities, and robotics. The participating teachers will translate their research experiences and knowledge into classroom practice by developing instructional modules and course materials that they will introduce in their classrooms and share with other teachers in their school districts. These activities all contribute to the formation of a community of practice in partnership with the University of Louisville faculty mentors that has the potential to significantly enhance STEM education in the participating school districts.

Participating teachers will receive $7000 paid in two installments for the summer work and another $1500 at the end of the following academic year for a total stipend of $8500. Teachers also have $1500 to spend on classroom materials needed for the curriculum they will develop over the summer and travel funds to present work at professional conferences.


June 11-July 22, 2020


Computer Engineering & Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Speed School of Engineering, University of Louisville.


The National Science Foundation Research Experience for Teachers in Big Data and Data Science at the University of Louisville is directed by faculty at the Speed School of Engineering and the College of Education and Human Development and is supported by National Science Foundation grant NSF CNS-1801513, PI: Dr. Olfa Nasraoui, Knowledge Discovery & Web Mining Lab, Speed School of Engineering, University of Louisville and KGSC Leadership Team member.

If you have questions, please contact the University of Louisville (502) 852-3948

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