Are you left or right-brained?

In this activity, you will get to find out whether people have a sidedness — that is, whether they generally prefer to do activities with one side of their body — and what that might say about their brain.

Squishy Circuits

In this activity, you will learn how you can make any light-up sculpture you imagine, such as a house with lights in the windows, an animal with light-up eyes, or a colorful butterfly.

Shaping hard-boiled eggs

You will learn a fascinating way to cook and shape boiled eggs, and explore some interesting chemistry about cooking an egg along the way. While exploring the flexibility of hard-boiled eggs, you will create a delicious, odd-shaped reward!

How to grow the best crystals

In this activity, you will compare the size and shape of crystals grown at different temperatures. With just water and Borax, a household cleaning product, you can discover the method for growing large, pure crystals!

How to turn milk into plastic

From the early 1900s until about 1945, milk was commonly used to make many different plastic ornaments, including buttons, decorative buckles, beads and other jewelry, fountain pens, the backings for hand-held mirrors, and fancy comb and brush sets. Milk plastic (usually called casein plastic) was even used to make jewelry for Queen Mary of England! In this activity you will make your own casein plastic out of hot milk and vinegar.

Make homemade bath bombs

In this activity, you will get to make your own homemade bath bombs and explore how changing the amounts of the different ingredients affects how fizzy the bath bombs end up being when you toss them in the bath. You can use your perfected method to create some super satisfying bath bombs!